Our corporate culture

The unique corporate culture of AGAPLESION is based on shared values that are lived with passion by our employees. Our self-image, our culture - the character of our company is reflected in the daily actions of our employees. They live true team spirit and create a working atmosphere in which togetherness is a priority.

At AGAPLESION, we all contribute to achieving our common goals with the highest degree of professionalism, empathy and humanity. In doing so, we are always guided by our five core values: Togetherness. Trust. Respect. Responsibility. Ambition.

Values that guide us

Success is also a desirable goal for a value-oriented healthcare group like AGAPLESION. But the way in which we achieve this success plays at least as important a role. Our values guide us on the right way.

The mission statement ensures consistent and ethical action. By this we mean, for example, the way we treat patients and residents and meet their needs. Or how we communicate internally and resolve conflicts. In these and many other situations, the AGAPLESION mission statement is our constant companion.

Christian in a modern way

Tradition can be lived in different ways. At AGAPLESION, we see our long Christian diaconal past as a mandate to continue to develop within this framework of values. That is why we welcome applications from people with very different cultural, religious or ideological backgrounds. We are convinced that only those who learn from each other can really grow.

You can rely on the fact that our mission statement offers you enough space to find your way around it and to fill it with life. We live our values in such a way that they are coherent for all of us.

Diversity makes the difference

You can't be perfect everywhere, but you can strive for it with all consistency. Take the issue of diversity, for example. This is exactly what we are doing as part of an ambitious strategy. The goal is to see differences as an opportunity and to live and shape diversity at AGAPLESION even more.

The importance of diversity in the workplace cannot be overstated as it leads to a more inclusive and innovative environment, where different perspectives and ideas are valued and respected. The fact that we already employ people from over 123 different nations, have signed the Diversity Charter and participated in the German Diversity Day 2022 is already a good start. To be continued!

Sustainable in every respect

As a value-oriented company, sustainability is very close to our hearts. Our goal is to live it even more and as comprehensively as possible on all three levels in the future. Ecologically, economically and socially.

However, the central aspect in this multidimensional approach is always people. Social sustainability is therefore always at the centre of AGAPLESION's actions. Many committed employees and remarkable examples of best practice in the facilities encourage us to move even more consistently in this direction in the future.

Our path to a digital future

As one of the first healthcare groups in Germany, AGAPLESION set out on the road to the digital future back in 2005.

Since then, we have been using the latest technologies. All hospitals have a hospital information system (HIS), as well as the mobile digital patient file. In addition, we have more than 20 innovation projects such as online consultation hours and online appointment scheduling.

However, we are not doing this for its own sake. The aim is to further improve the quality of our work and reduce the workload of our employees. In this way, digital tools fulfill a highly humane task. They enable us to give the people in our facilities even more time to devote to them.

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