Your career at AGAPLESION

As a doctor, excellent specialist knowledge is just as natural to you as humanity and team spirit? - Then you are already looking forward to versatile and responsible tasks at AGAPLESION.

You can count on modern medical technology, short decision-making processes and comprehensive opportunities for further training and education. No matter in which phase of your medical career you come to us: In any case, you are cordially invited to help shape the medicine of the future at AGAPLESION. Post scriptum: We offer interesting prospects for newcomers with studies and internships (PY).

Large network

Large network

Cross-facility expert boards support network building.

Rewarding compensation

Rewarding compensation

Attractive collective bargaining conditions for our physicians.

Continuing education and training

Continuing education and training

Seminars, workshops, meetings, lectures, and congresses on all different medical specialties.

Best medical technology

Best medical technology

High medical quality thanks to the latest technical equipment and modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Join us as an intern

Finished your medical studies and looking for the perfect start as an intern?

At AGAPLESION, you will feel welcome and enthusiastic from day one. Because in our clinics, only experienced colleagues and top physicians will take care of your progress.

This means that, on the one hand, you will receive the necessary professional qualifications at the highest level. On the other hand, you will learn to assume medical responsibility and develop innovative solutions.


What sets AGAPLESION hospitals apart from other facilities? Most definitely the combination of excellence in medicine and nursing with the values of Christian action.

In our clinics, some of which offer all levels of care, we offer prospective specialists first-class opportunities for specialization in all medical disciplines and subspecialties. It is not without reason that our specialist clinics enjoy an excellent reputation throughout Germany.

In short: If you want to train as a specialist at AGAPLESION, you are making an excellent decision. Contact your contact:in at our affiliated facilities now.

Decide now in favor of further education at AGAPLESION that meets the highest standards! You can count on close-knit support from nationally and internationally renowned experts in your field and in excellently networked academic teaching hospitals.

New and established diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and interdisciplinary treatment and surgical methods are a matter of course for us anyway.

Our chief physicians have extensive authorization for further specialist training and additional competencies for specialized, additional and optional training. Our sites cooperate in the further training of specialists, e.g. Common Trunk, Special Trunk.

Each facility is part of our strong corporate network. Residents thus have a wide range of opportunities to continue their training at another site, for example, or to plan their next career step within our company.

Jobs for medical specialists

Do you feel ready for a new challenge and the next step in your career?

Then AGAPLESION could be just the right address for you. This is especially true if you already have several years of professional experience in your field and could convince patients with your understanding and empathy.

Please also note that you will not only work clinically with us. You will also be active in research and teaching, where your interdisciplinary thinking will be in demand.

Senior jobs as a doctor

As a senior physician or chief physician, you quite rightly have the highest expectations for your professional future. AGAPLESION is ready to meet them. Especially if you have extensive clinical experience and are passionate about research and teaching.

We also look forward to your interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial thinking as well as your ability to lead employees on a solid basis of trust and team spirit. Then you are the right person to further strengthen our sites and networks with your innovative ideas and to expand our competencies.


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