Diverse career opportunities

At AGAPLESION, we hold out the prospect of many different career paths.

The motto is: just about anything is possible. Did you know, for example, that our current Chief Financial Officer started his career as an intern at one of our facilities?

In fact, it doesn't matter whether you are currently at the beginning of your career or have already gained a wide range of professional experience. At AGAPLESION, you are always on the right path professionally.


Are you still at the very beginning of your career? Would you like to gain a direct insight into practice and apply your newly acquired knowledge? Your training opportunities with us are diverse: from nursing to commercial professions, a lot is possible with us.

Have you always wanted to see the inside of an operating room? Then start your training as a surgical or anesthesia technician. Or do you like to wield the big wooden spoons and make our patients happy? Then start your training as a cook.

Are you curious?

Trainee Program

You will soon complete your studies? Or you would like to give your career a breath of fresh air?

Our management trainee program offers you the opportunity to work in various areas of our healthcare group and to develop yourself further.

You will gain the most important skills to understand interrelationships and shape our healthcare group in a sustainable way. Our program offers the perfect opportunity to enter the management of a hospital or a residential and nursing care facility.

Career in nursing

As a nursing expert, you can contribute new scientific findings to your field and share your knowledge. We will accompany you on this path and support you with various specialized training courses.

As a practical instructor, you can pass on your knowledge and support other colleagues in their development. With a degree, you can also become a teacher at one of our nursing schools.

As part of a management career, you can take on a managerial role as a ward manager, nursing service manager or nursing director and assume responsibility for a ward or an entire area.

Career in medicine

After completing your studies, you can start your medical career with us by completing a PY or specialist training program. As a senior physician, you can contribute your professional expertise in one of our 28 specialties. If you like to empower, lead and develop people, you can take responsibility for colleagues as a senior physician or lead an entire department as a chief physician.

You don't want to go through the usual medical career? No problem! Some of our physicians also work as general managers, operating room managers, company physicians, medical controllers, teachers, hospital hygienists, etc. Your possibilities are manifold!

Career in management

By familiarizing yourself with new topics, taking responsibility for projects, specializing in individual subject areas or taking on management tasks, you can develop both within your own area and beyond. We offer you the opportunity to change areas if you have the appropriate strengths and expertise, or to develop further by moving between one of our facilities and headquarters.

To gain further insight into our healthcare group and expand your knowledge, you have the opportunity, for example, to sit in on a ward and thus learn more about everyday working life in a hospital.


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