Development at AGAPLESION

Your development is important to us! To promote this, your manager will offer you a structured development meeting at least once a year. In this meeting, you look together at your successes, discuss your strengths and identify development potential. To ensure your continuous development, you set goals.

You will then be supported in achieving your goals, take part in further training where appropriate, and be able to develop further through regular feedback. We invite you to actively provide feedback to colleagues and managers in order to promote the development of all.

Staying curious

Learning is an important part of our daily work at AGAPLESION. To ensure that we are prepared for the future, we offer you many learning opportunities! It is important to remain curious in order to develop and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

You will receive a lot of information on our learning platform, independent of location and time, to acquire new knowledge. You can additionally acquire new perspectives and competences through various further education and training opportunities.


In order to meet the challenges of our time and to stay up to date professionally, continuing professional development is more indispensable than ever. For 25 years, our corporate learning plattform AGAPLESION Academy has been offering both external interested parties and our own employees a broad program of seminars and continuing education in the latest topics in the fields of healthcare and geriatric care.

The seminars and continuing education courses in our training program are held as classroom events primarily in the Heidelberg academy rooms, but are also held to a large extent as in-house seminars in our facilities.


In our AGALernwelt we offer many different learning opportunities in different formats (present, online, blended learning) on different topics.

For example, do you want to learn about culture, personal development, systems, medicine and care? Then the learning world is the right place for you. We offer various learning opportunities for many different areas of application.

The special feature: Many internal experts share their knowledge via the Learning World!

Other learning formats

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

Our internal Lunch & Learns are informal short learning sessions at lunch time where our employees get new impulses on various topics (sustainability, collaborative working,...).


Expert boards

Expert boards

Expert boards bring together experts from a wide range of functional areas to work together on solutions to various problems, share best practices, and exchange ideas on new trends and topics.


Network Teams

Network Teams

Do you have a new idea or would you like to deal with a topic more intensively? Network with colleagues to become part of a network team at AGAPLESION or found one together with other interested colleagues. A network team offers you the opportunity to work together on new topics, exchange ideas and present the results to the group.


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