Your onboarding journey

"The secret of getting ahead is to take the first step." - Mark Twain.

The onboarding concepts at our facilities are as diverse as our Group. They are individually adapted to the respective location and function. The following stages provide the framework for each onboarding at AGAPLESION.  We look forward to meeting you!

The four stages

Preparation phase

During the preparatory phase, which begins when the contract is signed, close contact with you is very important to us. Both your future manager and the HR department will contact you regularly.

In addition, you will be assigned a mentor who will contact you before your first day of work and who will be available to answer any questions - the anticipation of your new job at AGAPLESION is growing!

Welcome phase

In the welcome phase (in the first two weeks), we do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and can arrive with us from your first day.

For this purpose, a welcome event is held during the first week. In a meeting with your manager, you will discuss mutual expectations. In our digital learning management system, the AGALernwelt, a digital learning journey with lots of exciting information is already waiting for you.

Of course, your technical training will not be neglected. From your first day of work, you will receive an induction plan that has been individually drawn up by your department.

Orientation phase

Is everything going according to plan? Does the induction process need to be readjusted if necessary? During the orientation phase, we focus on precisely these questions.

For this purpose, your manager will conduct a 100-day feedback meeting with you, in which you will discuss the induction process and give each other feedback. The workshop on diaconal identity creates a framework of orientation for all new employees with regard to our corporate culture. New employees with management responsibility also take part in the AGA day to help them find their way around the Group even better.

Integration phase

In the integration phase, the goal is to make you an indispensable part of our AGAPLESION family.

For this purpose, for example, job shadowing takes place so that you can better understand interrelationships and get to know other areas. In the probationary period interview, you will receive detailed feedback from your manager and be shown further perspectives.

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